Wall Bars

Wall Bars, every gymnast’s best friend when it comes to developing upper body strength as well as a suspension training buddy. It also enables athletes to perform flexibility training to another level. Mostly made of maple wood to promote the extra grip to prevent major accidents.

The wall bars have many applications in gymnastics and are widely present in every type of gym and school gymnasiums. They are used simply for climbing workouts or body-coordination development training regimen, also utilized in almost all primary school education. These wooden bars are also used by more advanced to professional gymnasts for flexibility, resistance, and suspension training sessions mainly by abdominal exercises.

Gymnasts usually hang from a higher bar with their back against the wall and perform multiple abdominal-enhancement workouts, or they simply hang facing the bar to stretch and relax their back muscles. Wall bars are prevalent in the development of parkour enthusiasts, very useful for parkour courses. It provides several levels of heights to jump to and provide a fixture for them to jump on and off from and to.

Some newer versions of the wall bars are even made from steel and can be utilized at home in which most people call Home Play Gym Setups. You can mount floor-to-ceiling fixtures on them as well as long as you use the reinforced version of wall bars. Keep in mind that wood and steel wall bars have very different uses despite having the same structures.

Always keep in mind for those that experience spine disorders such as scoliosis, please consult your orthopedist before using the wall bars, it never hurts to be safe after all. Regardless, the Wall Bars are perfect for those seeking a more challenging workout routine to kick-off their fitness drives.