Torsion Bars

The Torsion Bars are easily one of our most popular bars out there. We categorise these sizes into three ranges, choose which is suited best to your fitness level and goals. Useful in performing Pilates wherein you suspend your body while working out with the torsion bar.

Great for Running (Weapon Simulator for Military Training) using them while performing rigorous military training adds to the benefits that you reap because of the additional difficulty. A good tool for Spin Classes, you could also use these all-around bars while cycling to add to the intensity of your spin classes.

Another great convenience that this tool provides is that it is essential for mobility, they are very handy that you can bring them almost anywhere just to sneak-in your daily torsion bar workouts wherever you may be. A great all-round Bar that can be incorporated in most training regimen to enhance the overall benefits of your workouts.

Great for strength training for beginners who are having a hard time using dumbbells and barbells, also great for home use.  Its lightweight design enables athletes to perform efficient single-arm workouts.  Great tool for Boot Camps and the likes. They also enhance core workouts by mixing up different workouts with the use of your arms. These bars are also considered to be every personal trainer's best friend.