Leg Press Attachment

The leg press attachment is a great way to add to your power rack in order to round out your exercise equipment, giving yourself a gym apparatus that can be used for a full-body workout.


Are you looking to add yet another new way to exercise with your power rack? If so, then the leg press attachment for the power rack is exactly what you’re looking for! The power rack is often used to assist an exerciser in heavy lifting workouts, so as to keep yourself safe from the potential dangers carrying such weights without external help may bring. However, one thing that you may find lacking in such an efficient gym equipment is that it only helps to build your upper body and core; it presents very few options with regard to developing the leg muscles, which are just as important for the whole body development that you are looking for.

To use a leg press with proper form, simply tighten your abdomen, and push the leg press’ platform away from you with the help of your heels and forefeet. While doing this, the heels should always remain parallel and in contact with the footplate. Using only the front part of the feet in pushing away the footplate from the body puts one at risk of injury. Extend your legs slowly in a controlled fashion, and make sure not to lock one’s knees when extending, as this will make it more difficult to repeat the motion, and put one at more risk of dislocation. To return to the original position, simply bend the knees slowly back to where you started. As always, keep your foot parallel and in contact with the footplate to assure your own safety.