Joining Tape

Joining tape is an innovation made for astroturf to ensure that two astroturf tiles won’t be pulled away from each other over time through wear and tear.

Astroturf has become quite the iconic part of a lot of sports venues and has secretly paved the way for sports traditionally played in the grass to make their way into large indoor arenas, and conversely, have been vital in the growth of these sports overall into the household names they are today. Soccer, for instance, is one that comes to mind when we are talking about astroturf. There was a time when games had to be delayed, postponed, or even cancelled due to suboptimal conditions of the grass fields on the playing field. Furthermore, these dirt and grass fields opened the door for serious abrasive wounds and injuries, some of which could end up being season-ending, even career-ending in some serious cases. With the discovery of astroturf, a form of synthetic grass covering, all of these problems that used to haunt these sports were just gone in an instant. Today, astroturf continues to see a lot of use and has become a competitive standard in many sports.

However, some complaints have risen from athletes regarding tripping over the bounds where two tiles of astroturf were laid down; if place unoptimally, there can be spaces in which there isn’t any astroturf covering; players can trip over these and can, in the worst case scenario, sustain an injury. However, even in the general case, these were still obstructions for fair and balanced play. Hence, joining tape was made in order to assure that these Astroturf tiles stick to each other very well, and don’t get pulled away from each other in time.