Gym and Fitness offers different kinds of dumbbells:
Adjustable dumbbells, which suit users who need varying exercises or want to progress from one difficulty level to another.
Fixed-weight dumbbells, which suit professionals who need to practice with one given weight such as weightlifters training for specific weight range or want to achieve a specific impact.


Dumbbells are just one of the many things you see and use for exercises. They're inexpensive yet versatile and they are absolutely easy to use. Dumbbells are much like barbells. They are only smaller and much safer to use than the barbells. This is probably why fitness experts tend to recommend them more for beginners. While barbells help you lift much heavier weights, dumbbells help you stabilise your strength imbalance.

There are two types of dumbbells we have here at Gym and Fitness. One being the Adjustable Dumbbells and the other being the Fixed Dumbbells. Adjustable Dumbbells are the ones that require spin locks and collars. These type of dumbbells are partnered with weight plates and are the best space-saving option between the two. You only need and a pair of adjustable dumbbell handles and just a couple of weight plates and you can get right on to your workout. The best thing about these adjustable dumbbells is that you don't have to worry about them not fitting into a narrow space in your room. You may assemble and disassemble them quickly whenever you wish to and keep them even in a tight little space.

Fixed Dumbbells provides the most convenience. If you don't want to be bothered changing the weight load every now and then during your workout, then these will probably suit you best.

If looking to purchase a handful of dumbbells, then you are in for a treat. We offer various Dumbbell Sets which you can choose from. All of which are having the best possible price. Some of the sets we have even includes a sturdy and durable Dumbbell Rack with it so you don't have to worry about your dumbbells being scattered all over the place.

There are a lot of great benefits a dumbbell can bring into your workout. You can balance out your strength, even out the development of both limbs, strengthen them together and attain equal progress on both. You can also burn generous amounts of calories and fat, build muscles, improve your cardiovascular health and even enhance your overall muscular endurance. Sounds quite a lot coming in from just a small piece of dumbbell right? Add them to your workout and you'll definitely see the value and benefit they bring. They may be small but they surely deliver big results.

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