Bluetooth Headset

Athletes often tire out from fatigue during workouts because they lack enthusiasm. One of the solutions that we thought about this problem is music, we’ve collated Bluetooth headsets for you so that we can take the boredom out of the equation.

Have you ever felt like you get better with workouts when you listen to music? Turns out that your workout music playlists play a big role in relieving pain naturally to make you more efficient and faster during your regular workout regimen.

Playing music while working out can make your brain release relaxing chemicals throughout your body like dopamine and opioids that boost your drive, lessen pain and negate fatigue for a certain period of time, scientists say.

Dr Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist and author of This Is Your Brain On Music, said, “There are two possible mechanisms, and we haven’t sorted them out yet.”. “Either music acts as a distractor (and distractors are known to modulate pain levels — this is why combat soldiers don’t always realize they’ve been shot until after a busy maneuver is over) or music acts as a mood enhancer (because the release of endogenous mu-opioids and other mood-enhancing chemicals raises the pain threshold).”

Levitin also conducted numerous studies on how the brain is affected by music, which gives off signs that the brain’s neurons often sync with the tempo of the music, resulting to the ability to perform repetitive cycle-like movements like running, cycling, weightlifting more hastily.

A study of a different source, other than Levitin, namely, the Sports Medicine journal also published that listening to music whilst exercising helps athletes maintain their workout pace better.

The experiment commenced having 34 patients that are in cardiac rehabilitation. A third of the patients worked out without music, half of the remaining patients were equipped with normal audio devices and the remaining third were given audio devices with playlists that were designed to enhance their pace during workouts.

The examiners proved that the patients equipped with pace-enhancing audio devices showed a significantly large amount of increased workout levels compared to those that weren’t given enhancements.

Dr. David Alter, a scientist from the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, lead author of the said study, wrote in a statement that “If this average increase of exercise was sustained for an average 65-year-old male patient, it would correlate with a projected life-expectancy increase of two and a half years,”

More significant studies have proved this point more and shown great signs that the correlation between music tempo and workout performances is definitely strongly-linked to each other. Another known study involving cyclists that are also equipped with audio devices with faster-tempo music has proven this theory, namely, Soul Cycle.

If you are looking for a natural performance enhancing method, music really is one of the best way to go. Scientifically-proven effective, harmless to the body, natural in any means possible and most of all, it’s free!