Astro Turf

Astroturf is a synthetic turf surface covering used to substitute for natural grass in sports usually played on grass fields.

Astroturf is a type of artificial grass that is used in a number of applications in the current day, but it is most commonly known for its use in soccer, football, and other games that were traditionally played on grass. This has, for the most part, been an ideal adaptation from the former norms, as it allows sports games to go on unimpeded by needs for maintenance of the grass since Astroturf is significantly easier to maintain than natural grass. At present, artificial turf is starting to become an increasingly popular flooring option for colleges, recreational facilities, and even the stadiums and other facilities of major sports leagues. There are more than a few reasons for this.

Firstly, the use of artificial turf has significantly improved the competitive scene in the sports it has been employed in that have been associated in the past with natural grass, as it has noticeably lessened the arbitrary concerns on the games caused by natural factors, such as being slippery surfaces after rains, having to maintain the grass fields after every game day to assure that their condition remains serviceable for the next game days; with the use of Astroturf, such issues have become a thing of the past, as it is very much low-maintenance in comparison, which has allowed for better gameplay for athletes, as well as a better spectator experience due to not having to wait during the breaks in between games that existed in the past to maintain the grass.

Furthermore, the fact that it is synthetic means that it requires fewer costs to maintain, and is less susceptible to damages due to other natural factors. In the past, athletic establishment owners would have to worry about planting, watering, weeding, and maintaining the grass fields to keep them serviceable for gameplay, which costs both time and money to establish and maintain. With Astroturf, you get to pay a flat cost to get a field of synthetic grass covering that is ready for play right off the bat, costs significantly less to maintain, is significantly more durable to damage from wear and tear, and is significantly less susceptible to environmental factors like rains, weed growth, overgrowth, and more.

Lastly, there is a significantly lower amount of associated risk for infection due to microbial infections. Some sports games can get rough, and athletes could fall to the grass and get scratches, which are immediately exposed to the elements. With fields using Astroturf, the risks of such are not eliminated, but a 2006 study has suggested that microbial life is less likely to propagate on Astroturf as it is on natural dirt and grass surfaces. This, along with there being less irregularity on the surfaces that are played on, have gone hand in hand as factors that allow Astroturf to lessen the number of injuries and serious infections caused by playing these sports.